Job Seekers Info

Why go to another franchised staffing company that will treat you like a number, when you can be treated like a friend?


Our philosophy revolves primarily around the betterment of your life and present circumstances!  We will do what we can to help you clear your path, prioritize, and place you in a position matching your personality and skills so that you may move forward.  Our purpose is to assist you, so that you may be better equipped to know  yourself, and eventually take control of the circumstances surrounding you everyday life.  When you work with us, you will receive genuine care and concern for your wellbeing and will leave in a better position than when you first walked in.


We will mentor and provide ongoing training to help you market yourself in effective ways.  We hold resume writing training, provide interviewing insight, and basic job skill training – all of which will help you in the present, and future.  You will have multiple recruiters working for you, not just us, but our external resources too.  We also have incentive plans to motivate you, and keep your focus on your own success!


While employment varies in duration, we are there for you in the long term.  Remember, we are here to build relationships and success stories.  When employment situations change, we will continue work with you.  As we understand your needs and preferences, we will continuously search for the right job for you.

Who Are You?

Everyone is different.  This simple yet profound statement is something that makes what we do exciting and challenging.  We welcome and value difference, in fact we have modeled much of our unique placement strategies around this truth.  Unfortunately, when we are unsure and uncomfortable concerning our unique differences, and try to find identity in what we do, we can struggle with an identity crisis, “Who am I.”  We don’t believe your job gives you the identity you need, but having a job helps further identify your strengths and weaknesses while allowing you to have a sphere of influence, contribution and satisfaction.

Partnering with 3:23 during the placement process, we will be privileged to help you identify the distinct characteristics you function out of most and help you find the right job that fits both personality and skill.


Which personality best describes you?


The name says it all.  Your an individual who is loyal to people and friends.

Strengths: Committed with conviction to personal beliefs, systems and structures

Weakness: Fear not having security, being in an environment unfamiliar

Common Sentiment: “Let me help you”


The servant, the type of person who is most satisfied when helping people.

Strength: Unconditionally loves and serves others

Weakness: Domineering and feel people owe them

Common Sentiment: “I love helping and serving people and am known for it”


The Inspector, the individual who can easily be isolated to learn and figure out the “why” behind everything

Strengths:  Enjoy looking at and understanding complex and detailed ideas

Weakness:  Can easily be isolated and in “their own world”

Common Sentiment:  “I need to understand how that works”


The Enthusiast, are typically fast learners, enjoy learning new tasks and are very productive.

Strengths : Multi-talented, energetic, versatile, extroverted

Weakness : Burn-out, impulsive, and easily distracted

Common Sentiment : “More to do, more challenges, more variety, more excitement”


The Winner, typically are people marked with an inordinate desire for success and personal accomplishment

Strengths: Highly driven for advancement, often poised and always wanting to be the best

Weakness: Overly competitive, indifferent to others, and find personal value only in success

Common Sentiment: “I’m afraid of not being successful”


The Challenger, is typically a person who is very decisive and wants to take on new challenges

Strengths: Have the capability to get others to follow

Weakness: Often want things done their way only

Common Sentiment: “Come follow me into this new venture, but don’t try to control me”