About 323


Our Mission

323 Staffing Solutions had a humble beginning in Owensboro, KY, however its current foundations spread across three different states.  Before any ink went to paper, God was silently at work in the hearts of a few unconnected men.  Through amazing circumstances, the paths of these men crossed, individual perspectives, talents and convictions were combined, and within a few months 323 Staffing Solutions was launched.  United under one common vision of helping people access two of today’s most dire necessities: spiritual and temporal vitality, 323 Staffing Solutions had met a huge need in the lives of those whom they serve.  Seeing lives positively impacted and clients served well, are two great satisfactions we receive as we accomplish our mission.

What Are We Passionate About

Offering Water: Jesus offers eternal satisfaction.  Brokenness is something that unites all of us.  Jesus said he was the Living Water, and whoever drinks of Him will never thirst again.  We want to see the many lives we come into contact with, not just satisfied about a job, but are refreshed through the good news that Jesus can heal us from our brokenness

Offer Sustenance: We would describe our mission as one of – providing!  We provide our clients the best candidates, relationship, and reliability in the industry. We provide our employees a peace of mind that comes from a steady paycheck, honest relationships, and assurance that we are committed to them.  We daily see and hear the urgency and at times desperation in men and women who are wanting to provide for their loved ones.  It is our mission to help them achieve this sustenance.

Offer Air: We are not like any other agency!  We want to be a breath of fresh air to everyone we interact with.  Unlike most staffing agencies, we give our job seekers peace in knowing we are working hard for them behind the scenes, and we will not treat them like another ‘warm body’ to be placed in a dead end job.  We want to be a breath of fresh air to our clients because they know we are not a revolving door simply sending anyone to them, and honesty and integrity lead our business relationship.  We have been told many times by both our clients and present employees how wonderful it is that someone really cares and will take time to listen to understand the real need that must be met.

323 Staffing Solutions is named after Colossians 3:23, stating that in whatever we do, do (that) for the Lord and not man.  This means, we are committed to having our own character, relationships, services and business conducted in a way, that is above all, honoring to God. Our ministry approach is to build a dynamic network of local churches and businesses whereby working together we can positively impact the spiritual, social, and economic condition of our employees, their families and community around them.