Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Contract Staffing

This staffing option addresses the seasonal and short-term needs of your business. It allows you to address the work flow demands during high and low activity period. The obvious outcome is seen in the cost saving to the company.

Contract to Hire

Many companies use this staffing approach to vet potential new hires for their organization. The employee will be employed by and compensated through the staffing agency. That employee is placed on assignment with the client. After a period of time, the client may opt to transfer the employment over to their organization.

Direct Placement

This staffing option allows organizations to directly hire a candidate. 323 Staffing Solutions does all of the hard work of sourcing and screening the highest potential candidates and offering them over to the client for the final hiring decision. Moreover, 323 Staffing Solutions offers a guarantee with that placement.