An Owensboro, Kentucky family was the founder and owner of a company that manufactured and sold products throughout the southeastern United States. In the 30 years of operation, they frequently used the services of staffing companies. The staffing agencies provided a useful buffer in the hiring/firing process and a cost-effective solution for the need for additional employees during peak production periods. However, occasionally the new employees were not the best aligned with the company’s culture and values. Over time, they discovered a unique process by which ideal employees could be sourced through the staffing agencies.

They were intrigued with the idea of one day venturing into the staffing business. It wasn’t until a member of the family heard a presentation from a highly successful businessman that had given millions of dollars to charities. Someone had challenged that businessman by asking “you’re giving all that money to charity, what are you doing for your employees”. The businessman immediately responded that he gives his employees two valuable things, “the love of Jesus and a job”. That message was the catalyst and a true inspiration to form a staffing company with a missional component. Helping people, more than bottom line profits became the primary objective. This was no longer a potential new business opportunity, now the family was responding to what God was calling them to do.

In 2014, 323 Staffing Solutions, LLC was formed with a base of operations in Owensboro, Kentucky. Growth in Kentucky was slow but steady and it quickly became apparent that the operations would be sustainable. In 2017, 323 Staffing Solutions would expand the operations of the company by opening an office in Clermont, Florida. This evolution in the organization was precipitated when Real Life Christian Church of Clermont invited the family to use their facility to help provide jobs for the people in that central Florida community. Again, the growth was immediate and substantial. Since that time, additional offices have opened in central Orlando, Florida and in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Today, we now also serve Evansville, Indiana and Elizabethtown, KY. 

The mission behind 323 Staffing Solutions is simple and clear . . . WE VALUE PEOPLE. Literally thousands of job seekers have found meaningful employment and experienced the love of Jesus through 323 Staffing Solutions. Not to mention the numerous clients that enjoy sourcing exceptional quality employees backed by an unprecedented level of customer service with 323 Staffing Solutions.